Energy Efficiency

Ensuring uniform heating distribution across your space whilst eliminating cold spots, underfloor heating provides consistent warmth throughout. This uniformity enhances comfort for occupants and eliminates the need for bulky radiators or vents, freeing up valuable wall and floor space for other purposes.

Moreover, underfloor heating systems operate silently, contributing to a peaceful and productive environment without the noise associated with conventional heating systems. They also offer precise temperature control, enabling efficient energy usage and reducing heating costs over time.

Peace of mind for your business

Reliability is at the core of what we do, which begins at the design stage of the process, and continues through our guaranteed installations and through to servicing and proactive maintenance of your system.

Client Testimonial

Upgrading multiple sites for our end user, Southern Mechanical & Electrical offered an effortless and seamless design, installation and handover process, taking care of our national client with no issues. Promoting energy efficient methods and realistic cost upgrades, the team were diligent and methodical in their approach to each project, delivering a high quality service and end product that everyone was happy with.

Testimonial – National Boiler Upgrades

Graham offered support and advice when we were at a crossroads on what to do with our commercial plant room. With multiple failures, we often plugged the gap with minor repairs to avoid unnecessary downtime, but with Graham’s expertise and offering out of hours installation, we mitigated the downtime and ended up with a plant upgrade that is well maintained and easy to service.

Testimonial – Weybridge, Surrey

Graham and team designed and delivered an underfloor heating systems for one of my clients’ homes in Surrey. With expert knowledge and advice, they offered a great solution at an affordable price. Reliable and responsive, they were on hand to answer any questions that we had during the process and their after-care has been fantastic when required.

Testimonial – Woking Underfloor Heating

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