Heating Systems

From the installation of a gas boiler to the central heating pipework, radiators and controllers, Southern Mechanical & Electrical can meet your requirements for your domestic or commercial heating system using reliable brands and solutions to deliver a heating system that is easy to use and control, and frequently maintained for your peace of mind.

Gas Works

Including gas mains and installations, welded and threaded pipework, underground PE Plastic Fusion welded gas pipe installation, chilled pipework and chilled plant, heating and plumbing, boiler servicing and maintenance, we are specialists in design and installation of any size gas main, carrying out tightness and strength tests with certification, along with completing pipework purging, both air to gas and gas to air.

Underfloor Heating

Often a more efficient way of heating your house, underfloor heating can be your primary heat source, reducing energy usage. Underfloor heating is an effective way of evenly heating a living space whilst providing cosy comfort and warmth to your feet, generating radiant heat from the floor, warmth is distributed evenly around the whole room, unlike a radiator which has to convect heat from a single point.


Sustainable Solutions

Sustainability is at the forefront of discussion in the modern world, and reducing energy consumption is a large factor in considerations to upgrade to a new system. With the latest technology and experience in installing and maintaining them too, our team can deliver a range of sustainable and modern heating, plumbing and electrical solutions for your home or business.

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